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  • 无尘手套
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Production technology

Company profile

Xiamen Xiongbao Weaving Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009,which is close to Xiamen Port.We imported different types of circular knitting equipments from Germany and Taiwan,which can weave 28、32、36、40、42 needles.The equipments can meet the requirements of different manufacturers for the raw materials.Xiongbao are able to make samples and develop new products.We produce cleanroom wipers,both raw material and finished goods.Our products are General fiber cleanroom wiper,Sub-micro-fiber cleanroom wiper and Micro-fiber cleanroom wiper.We also supply roll paper,gloves,finger cot,shoes,uniforms etc.


Contact us

  • Tel:0592-6218397
  • Fax:0592-6212036
  • Mobile:15359401720
  • Email:sales@xmxbzz.com
  • Add:No.32,Xingqian Road,Jimei District,Xiamen,Fujian,China.
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